Comprehensive Plan

Scope of Services

Plan Summary (English)
Plan Summary (Spanish)

The purpose of the study is to prepare a Comprehensive Plan for the City of Port Lavaca that incorporates the needs and desires of the community, strategic planning/council goals, and the recent waterfront and future land use plans.

PHASE ONE: Community Snapshot and Visioning

Task 1: Community Outreach and Information Strategy

• Comprehensive Plan Advisory Committee
• Public Involvement Plan
• Project Web Page and Online Survey
• Community Meetings

Task 2: Community Snapshot

• Baseline Analysis
• Existing Land Use Analysis
• Planning Context

Task 3: Vision, Goals and Strategies

• Issue Identification
• Innovation Charrette
• Validation of Goals and Strategies

PHASE TWO: Plans and Recommendations

Task 4: Future Land Use Plan

Task 5: Transportation and Circulation

• Existing Conditions
• Transportation Planning
• Thoroughfare Plan

Task 6: Parks, Recreation and Open Space

Task 7: Infrastructure Assessment

• Water Analysis
• Wastewater Analysis

Task 8: Community Character and Livability

• Design Character
• Housing Strategies

Task 9: Economic Development and Tourism

PHASE THREE: Report, Implementation and Adoption

Task 10: Report and Implementation

• Draft Report
• Implementation Action Plan
• Final Report and Deliverables
• Plan Chapters
• Plan Mapping

Task 11: Adoption