Parks Board

Parks Board

Meets every  3rd Wednesday of the month at 12 P.M. in City Council Chambers

Current Parks Board Members   Position with Board  Term Expires
Mac Sistrunk  Chairman  05/17/2019
Olga Szela Board Member 05/17/2019
Juan Cobos Board Member 01/18/2019
Patty Weaver Board Member 01/18/2019
Chris Scroggs Board Member 01/18/2019
Michael Tien Board Member 07/18/2020
Ben Wood Board Member 07/18/2020

Waterfront Master Plan

Parks Board 2018-2019 Agendas Parks Board 2018-2019 Minutes
Parks Agenda 10/17/2018
Parks Agenda 11-12-2018
Parks Board Meeting 11-28-2018

Parks Board Meeting 11-28-2018 Cont. 

Parks Board Meeting 12-19-2018
Parks Board Meeting 1-16-2019
Parks Board Meeting 2-20-2019
Parks Board Meeting 2-27-2019
Parks Board Meeting  3-20-19