City Secretary

Mandy Grant / City Secretary

Our mission is to provide support, assistance and information to the City Council and City Manager so that they have the resources required to efficiently and effectively conduct the business of the City and its citizens; to preserve City documents so that the City Council, City employees and Citizens of Port Lavaca may stay informed by having timely and convenient access to City records.

This office also conducts and monitors City elections in strict compliance with all applicable laws, in the most efficient and effective manner possible; and keeps elected officials, staff and the general public well informed regarding elections and election procedures .

Description of Services

The Office of the City Secretary is responsible for the preparation of agendas and minutes for all City Council meetings; ensuring compliance with the Public Information Act for Texas Open Meetings and Public Records request; maintains all official records of the City, including minutes, contracts, ordinances, resolutions and deeds; oversees processing of all open records requests; attests the signature of the Mayor and affixes the City seal on all official documents. This office also prepares and posts all required documentation for the administration of City elections.

For Open Records Requests, please download the Open Records Request Form