Junked Vehicles

Starting Monday, March 12th, 2018, the Port Lavaca Police Department will be in the Alamo Heights subdivision identifying junked vehicles, boats, trailers and tow-able recreational vehicles. Once identified, the above mentioned will be “tagged” for removal from the roadway. The owner will then have 72 hours to remove the property from the roadway once the property is tagged. After 72 hours the property will be removed from the roadway at the owner’s expense. The owner will also be responsible for storage fees before the property is released.

The Department has received several complaints reference junked vehicles in the Alamo Heights neighborhood. The Department will continue the process throughout the City. The hope is to achieve voluntary compliance. The Department has posted the City ordinance pertaining to junk vehicles, boats, trailers, and tow-able recreational vehicles. If you have any questions please contact the Port Lavaca Police Department (361) 552-3788

Colin Rangnow
Chief of Police

City Ordinance concerning Junk Vehicles