City of Port Lavaca to Initiate Tree Trim Project

Contact: William DiLibero
Port Lavaca City Manager
361- 552-9793 x 222
November 16, 2018

City of Port Lavaca to Initiate Tree Trim Project

In its effort to beautify City streets the City of Port Lavaca has contracted with local landscaper Marvelous Gardens to trim trees that overhang City streets below fourteen feet in height. This project will not only help to make City streets more attractive, it will also make it easier for large trucks and campers to drive along City streets.

Port Lavaca City Councilor, Tim Dent, stated, “City staff and residents have spent the last year cleaning up from Hurricane Harvey. It has been an expensive and difficult process for everyone. The tree trimming project is one initiative the City can take to assist residents to improve the safety of the City while also helping improve the appearance of the city as required by our Comprehensive Plan.”

Section 20-151 of the City’s Environmental and Health Ordinance requires that property owners to trim or remove any tree, bush, shrub or vegetation that is lower than twelve feet below any City street or thoroughfare. At the November City Council meeting Council members voted to authorize the trimming of trees to assist homeowners in complying with this City law.

Bill DiLibero, Port Lavaca City Manager said, “If you have trees that overhang the City streets and need to be trimmed, please notify the City by phone at 361-552-3347, or by email at The City will make its best effort to have the trees trimmed. The trimming is scheduled to happen during the month of December.”

Please contact City Hall at 361-552-9793 with any questions.